Sous Chef: 24 Hours in the Kitchen. Michael Gibney

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Mērču šefpavārs: 24 stundas virtuvē. Maikls Gibney

24 stundas šefpavāra virtuvē.



For one day only, service is in your hands.

Sous Chef takes you behind the swinging doors of a busy restaurant kitchen, putting you in chef's shoes for an intense, high-octane twenty-four hours. Follow him from the moment he opens the kitchen in the morning, as he guides you through the meticulous preparation, the camaraderie in the hours leading up to service and the adrenalin-rush as the orders start coming in. Thrilling, addictive and bursting with mouth-watering detail, Sous Chef will leave you breathless and awestruck - walking into a restaurant will never be the same again.